Liana Homes had originated unexpectedly. The entity came into being especially because of the engineering education Mr. Yasas Liyanarachchi (presently a Director of Liana Homes) had and art plus design education his wife Mrs. Nirosha had developed after school leaving. Today, Yasas looks after building work and Nirosha looks after designing sector in a house namely, colour matching, tile selections, pantry cupboards, door window colouring / designs etc. That is how they demarcated their services.

Some decades ago these two had bought a block of land at their home town and on a pilot basis built 05 houses. Born talents came into being and their exercise had borne fruits. The houses went on sale before completion and the thrusting demand by many other house seekers encouraged the couple to build houses of their own. These demands had prone the couple to purchase more lands to build houses and upon the confidence and genuineness of construction work they earned in the society, the little entity expanded its business step by step and today, as a result stands as a strong piller in the housing construction strata in the Gampaha District, titled LIANA HOMES.


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